Labor productivity is high. Stability and a good quality of life.

Development of labor quality is a moral and ethical knowledge.
Are prepared to have people ready and sufficient to the needs of all economic sectors.
Building the workforce stability and quality of life better.
Development and personnel management organization of labor efficiency.

Strategic issues.
Strategist at 1 issue of Science to promote and support the workforce in both quantity and quality sufficient.
2 strategist issue of Science that strengthening security in the cause of labor.
Issue of Science strategist at 3 to promote stability in the work and good quality of life for workers.
Issue of Science strategist at 4 alien labor management.
Master of the 5 issues strategist developing database of information workers.
Issue of Science strategist at 6 Development Management Department of Labor to excellence.
Issue of Science strategist at 7 to assist problem as critical and public involvement.